Unless you're a GA360 customer, Google suggests manually downloading your GA data via Excel/CSV.  This is problematic because: 

  • To pull unsampled data for multiple years, you would need to run hundreds of smaller reports and stitch them together 
  • Attempting to stitch together hundreds of reports would take significant time, and will ultimately crash Excel and will exceed Google Sheets' data limits. 
  • Most exported data for long date ranges will be sampled, making it highly inaccurate 

The Google Analytics Data Extractor is the only known tool that can avoid sampling when pulling large data sets from Google Analytics. 

Without Our Analytics Data Extractor, the Options are Limited...

Preserve, archive and visualize your data.

- Accurate, Completely Unsampled Data

- Safely Store Your Data in the Cloud

- Visualize and Query Your Data in Google Data Studio

The Analytics Data Extractor (ADE)
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Schedule a Date to Preserve Your Data as Soon as You're Fully Transitioned to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google's Universal Analytics (GA3) stopped collecting data in July 2023, and data will be permanently removed on July 1, 2024. Google is currently urging customers to export historical reports to prevent permanently losing their data.

Our solution reliably and accurately extracts, stores and visualizes your historical GA3 data and prevents your data from being lost. Our tool:

  • Backs up 5 years (or more) of accuratecompletely unsampled data 
  • Archives your data in a cloud-based database (BigQuery)
  • Makes your data accessible in a pre-configured Looker Studio dashboard

Save Your Google Analytics (UA) Data Before it's Too Late

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Universal Analytics Data Back-Up


Save 5 Core Data Sets
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Additional Custom Data Sets (Optional)


Extract Additional Custom Data Sets
Up to 6 Dimensions/10 Metrics per Data Set
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Your Data Will Soon Be Lost

On-Going Data Hosting


Monthly Data Storage
Includes up to 2 Hours of GDS Report Customization Time Annually
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